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The Go Car Warranty team present to you the latest car news and motoring stories. Sharing with you the on trend motoring stories; driving and buying advice and up to date car warranty news and reviews. Should you have a news story that you would like our opinion on, then please do get in touch with us over at our social channels.

History of Range Rover

24/03/2017 09:40:25

What started out as one of the more rugged 4x4s ideal for the countryside is now one of the more exclusive, high-end prestige vehicles. Yes, the Range Rover has undergone a drastic transformation in the last few years. But it still continues to be ...

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How to prepare for a long car journey

21/03/2017 09:36:40

Setting out on a long car journey can fill you with dread. Being stuck in a metal box on wheels for hours and hours can drive you mad – especially if you’re travelling with family and friends. Long journeys can test the strongest ...

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Benefits of having car warranties

16/03/2017 09:45:59

When buying a car, new or used, you may be offered a warranty. It can seem like an expensive addition. But if you shop around and choose a reputable company, such as Go Car Warranty, then you’ll have added protection for your car, and peace of mind should something go wrong. So what are the bene ...

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Five most expensive supercars in 2017

14/03/2017 11:18:52

If money was no object, what would be on your shopping list? For some it would be a huge mansion. Others, it would be an extravagant super yacht. But for petrolheads, there’s one thing that would be first on the list – a supercar. Here&rs ...

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The longest roads in the world

10/03/2017 09:29:51

Getting out on the open road can be one of life’s great pleasures. Staring out at a long winding path ahead of you can be relaxing. But all good things come to an end and you’ll eventually find the road runs out. Luckily, there are s ...

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Top tips for parking

07/03/2017 09:40:00

Modern technology is making parking much easier, with many new cars fitted with cameras, collision sensors and even self-parking technology. But for many of us, parking is something we have to do manually, relying on nothing but our skill and our wits ...

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Top motoring shows

03/03/2017 10:35:41

For the car enthusiast, there arenít many better things than getting together with other petrolheads to celebrate your passion. Motoring shows are the highlight on the calendar, with a blend of exciting new models and quality classics to tak ...

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