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The Go Car Warranty team present to you the latest car news and motoring stories. Sharing with you the on trend motoring stories; driving and buying advice and up to date car warranty news and reviews. Should you have a news story that you would like our opinion on, then please do get in touch with us over at our social channels.

Top five all electric cars

17/10/2017 09:05:22

Advancements in technology and an increase in the provision of charging stations means that electric cars are now a viable option for almost everyone. The cars are also better now. No longer little dinky machines that look like an oversized mobili ...

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Iconic Jaguar models

13/10/2017 08:26:11

One of Britainís oldest car manufacturers, Jaguar has a long history of creating beautiful, prestige vehicles that ooze a sense of class. Having just passed its 80th birthday, the company has changed a lot over the years. Bu ...

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Top tips for driving in the rain

10/10/2017 08:18:51

Now that summer is firmly behind us, autumn is on the way. And in the UK, you know this brings one thing – rain. Those grey days will soon be upon us, where the sky is cloudy and a constant stream of drizzle seems to fall upon us. Dr ...

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Top five affordable family cars

06/10/2017 08:20:56

Having a family is sure to put a strain on your finances. But you may also need to upgrade your car to provide more room, comfort, and safety for your loved ones. Thankfully, there are a wide range of options on the market, many of w ...

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How to choose the best car insurance for you

03/10/2017 08:27:32

With so many different companies and options available to you, finding the right type of car insurance for your needs may seem a little complicated. But there’s no need to be confused. All it takes is a little understanding o ...

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Best movie cars of all time

28/09/2017 16:10:24

The silver screen has brought to us some iconic cars across the years. From possessed demon bugs to time-travelling curiosities, petrol heads have never been short of beautiful, mysterious or just plain cool cars to drool at in the ...

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Top Five British Classic Cars

26/09/2017 08:08:33

The history of automobiles is filled with beautifully designed British cars. As four wheels turned from just being practical into icons of design and fashion, British designers were often at the forefront. Itís little wonder then that some of the most coveted classic cars come from British car companies, whose badge alone is often enough to add ...

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