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Back to school driving tips

It’s almost that time again. The summer school holidays are almost at an end, and the daily battle to get your little ones to school is set to start all over again. You may be feeling palpitations, thinking of the stress that comes with having your child at the school gates on time. Relax. We’ve put together some top tips to make the school run as easy as ABCs, 123s.

Prepare everything the night before

It’s almost always a rush in the morning to get your kids to eat breakfast, washed, and then in their school uniforms and out the door. Anything you can do to save time will help lighten the load of stress you experience. Prepare packed lunches the night before, and have your kids lay out their uniform and everything they’ll need for school before they go to bed. Little details like this can help save a headache in the morning.

Get out the house early

Have a time you want to leave in mind and then push it forward 10 minutes. There are always last minute things that your children will have forgotten – a letter that needs signing or something they need to bring for a specific lesson. Having this extra 10 minute buffer means you won’t be racing down the road to get to school on time. 

Get on the road early

It always gets busier the longer the morning drags on, so the sooner you can get on the road the less traffic you will encounter. There will also be less panicked parents outside the school gates battling for space to drop off their little ones.


Getting together with other parents and arranging a carpool scheme can take a big load off your mind. Alternating between who picks up and drops off the kids means you can have flexibility in your schedule. Having the added incentive of picking up someone else’s kids in time can motivate you to move quicker. And if you don’t have other parents to share with, why not get your family involved and have them help?

published: 01/09/2017 08:41:21

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