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Best cars for road trips

When setting out on the open road you want to travel in as much comfort and style as possible. Whether it’s travelling long distance for a meeting or heading out on a family holiday, you want to have a car that won’t leave you feeling awful when you reach your destination. Here are our picks for the best road trip cars.

Skoda Superb Estate

One of the best reviewed cars on the market, the Skoda Octavia Estate has everything you need for long road trips. Plenty of space? Check – the Skoda’s long wheelbase means there’s lots of room inside. Nice to drive? Check – The car is well praised for its comfort and drive quality. All you need to add is a sat-nav, either built in or store bought.

BMW 3 Series

For the regular commuter the 3 Series is the ideal choice. It is also ideal for road trips. Fun to drive, you’ll enjoy eating up every inch of the motorway. The 3 Series also comes with a wide variety of in-car entertainment options, so you can entertain yourself or the family with ease.

Citroen C4 Cactus

One of the boldest looking cars on the road thanks to its distinctive ridged bodywork, this car is not just an eye catcher. The interior is extremely comfortable, spacious and an excellent high seating position gives everyone a great view of the road – not just for games of “eye spy”.

Volkswagen Caravanette

No road trip list is complete without the ultimate hippy machine, the VW Caravanette. Seen as the car of the counter culture and hippy revolution of the 1960s, it’s the perfect for family holidays and long road trips. You can fit everything inside and some even come with a built in kitchen. Perfect for parking up beside the beach for a sunset barbecue.

published: 09/05/2017 09:37:41

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