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Biggest distractions when driving

When you get behind the wheel on a daily basis, it’s easy for your mind to wander. It’s not just the dullness of driving, it’s the countless distractions you encounter as you drive. Potentially dangerous and almost always a nuisance, being aware of the distractions can help keep you safe on the road. So what are the biggest ones you face?

Mobile phones

We have been distracted by mobile phones ever since they first came onto the market. But the rise of smartphones has seen the problem increase. It’s not just calls that distract you. It’s text messages, emails, social media updates – the list grows every day. Fines and punishments for getting caught with your phone are growing, and will only get more severe.

Other passengers

Whether it is your friends in the front seat or kids in the back, having other people in the car can be a big distraction. It’s not just ‘Are we there yet’ either. Other passengers will want the air conditioning on, or to change the music, or to stop for the bathroom. All these distractions can add up, taking your attention away from the road.


Gone are the days where we have to learn the route we’re travelling in advance. Today, we rely on technology so much that we can often be stuck without it. GPSs and SatNavs take up your attention when you are driving. And if you encounter traffic or need to change route, you need to play around with them to adjust your settings. Many are not that user friendly and can be fiddly to change – something that can drive you to distraction.

Other drivers

Sometimes you share the road with people who drive you crazy. Someone driving too slow, too recklessly, or just getting in your way too often. These incidents can leave you fuming and your anger can cause you to think more about what the other driver is doing than what you are doing. While it may not be you with the road rage, it can still leave you distracted and open to making a dangerous mistake.

published: 08/06/2017 16:20:22

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