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Call for ban on smoking and driving

Call for ban on smoking and driving Image

More than half of drivers think it should be illegal to smoke behind the wheel, a poll has revealed.

A survey by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) showed 56 per cent wanted to ban motorists from smoking but 45 per cent thought it would be impossible to enforce such a law.

Three out of four people quizzed by the IAM were worried about the safety of smoking while driving, saying lighting up would distract people and stop them concentrating on the road. In fact lighting a cigarette was considered the most dangerous part of smoking while driving by 52 per cent of people.

Only two per cent felt it was completely safe for drivers to smoke. In contrast 43 per cent described it as dangerous while 48 per cent felt it was irresponsible and 46 per cent thought it was as bad as using a mobile phone while driving.

Simon Best, IAM's chief executive, said smoking was clearly seen as a major road safety issue. He said that while people knew how dangerous cigarettes were from a health point of view, more research needed to be done on the impact it had on people's driving skills.

published: 16/04/2013 14:00:01

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