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Car insurance not affordable for the young

Car insurance not affordable for the young Image

More and more young people are unable to afford to pay the cost of car insurance, according to an MP from Ribble Valley in Lancashire, who says that the young are starting to be "priced out" of being able to use a car.  Nigel Evans met with members from the (ABI) Association of British Insurers in order to discuss the increasing strain that is being placed on young drivers by the ever-rising cost of car insurance.  

While the cost of a Car Warranty remains more or less unchanged, the cost of car insurance is spiralling and in the light of a recent poll that showed that the great majority of drivers in the United Kingdom are intending to cut down on the amount of trips they make in their automobiles if the cost of both insurance and fuel continue to rise, Evans believes that it is definitely time for something to change.  

According to the Lancashire Telegraph, Evans' meeting with the ABI went very well, with the MP claiming that the organisation is aware that the increasing costs are having a major impact on young drivers, something which then results in a knock-on effect to the economy of the United Kingdom as a whole.

"I do believe that young people are being priced out of using a car, and I know that can cause employment difficulties, in rural areas in particular" Evans told a source.  "I believe that we need to be open to solutions."

Author - Michael Barclay

published: 07/03/2012 14:00:00

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