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Car maintenance tips for winter

The colder months can be a testing period for your motor. The lower temperatures put more strain when starting, and the fluids inside can suffer in the cold. Here are some of our top tips to help you with car maintenance this winter.

Check your battery

Starting your car in the cold puts a lot more strain on your battery. So if itís a little flat or suffering from corrosion, then itís likely to come back and haunt you on those colder mornings. You need to be able to rely on your car to start in the winter, and to keep the heater running for your frosted windows and your frosted self.

Antifreeze Ė is there enough?

Your car freezing solid is not something you want. One way to counter this is to make sure your water in the radiator has the right levels of antifreeze. If youíve had to top up your carís water levels over the year, make sure you add some more antifreeze when the nights start drawing in.


Make sure to check the bulbs on your cars lights. The longer nights and darker mornings mean you will need your headlights to be doing a lot more work at guiding you safely along wintry streets. It might be worth giving your casings a clean can help give them that extra boost.

Do you need winter tyres?

Living in the UK, itís unlikely youíll need to change your tyres to ones especially designed for winter. If you live in the countryside or in areas prone to frost, it may be worth your time. Otherwise, check your tyre tread to make sure there arenít any bald spots that could result in loss of grip.

Get a professional check

The best way to make sure your car is ready for winter is to have it looked at by a mechanic. They can check your fluid levels and electronics, places you may not have the necessary equipment or space to check yourself.

published: 07/11/2017 08:13:59

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