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Car Buying Tips News

Top five most popular SUVs

25/07/2017 10:00:37

Replacing the MPV as the most popular choice for families, the SUV has become a more and more common sight on the roads of the UK. No longer a specialist car used by those in the countryside, the SUV (sports utility vehicle) has built its reputation on reliability, safety features, and ease of driving. Here are the top five SUVs in the UK. Ni ...

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Benefits of having your car on finance

02/06/2017 10:08:04

An increasingly popular way to purchase a new car, finance is allowing consumers across the UK to buy cars that would be out of their price range if they were solely relying on savings. So what are the benefits of purchasing a car on finance? Spread the cost The main advantage of car finance is the ability to spread the cost of the financ ...

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Top five affordable convertibles

26/05/2017 10:56:39

With summer on its way, the British people will once again be looking out of their windows and hoping for a beautiful summer. Whilst planning anything based on the weather is not advised, you may want to purchase a convertible so that you can make the most of the summer – rain or shine. Here are our choices for five of the best affordable c ...

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Battle of the SUVs Jaguar F Pace vs Volvo XC90

05/05/2017 09:49:03

The SUV – the ultimate all round vehicle for those who want their cars big, rugged and ready to go. Standing for Sports Utility Vehicle, the SUV has become the go to choice for those wanting an excellent all-rounder. Its popularity has become so big that even more high end car companies are getting into the game. In this battle, we look at ...

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Five things to do before buying a second-hand car

07/04/2017 09:44:32

The second-hand car market is huge, with thousands and thousands of used cars available to buy. It can be a fantastic way to find a great car at a much more affordable price. But there are pitfalls. So what can you do to ensure that the car you’re buying is going to be a gem rather than fool’s gold. Conduct a vehicle check When buying ...

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Five must-have family cars

04/04/2017 10:10:39

Getting the perfect family car is an important ingredient of a happy household. Having a means of transport that is comfortable, safe, and can keep everyone happy has to be a priority for anyone who cares about their children. Thankfully, the family car market is one of the biggest, and there are plenty to choose from. So which cars should you be ...

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Biggest cars in the UK

31/03/2017 09:43:05

Bigger is better. At least, that’s how the old saying goes. Sometimes you don’t want a supermini but a super-sized car, especially if you have a big family. So what are the best big cars on the market? Here’s our rundown of the best big cars in each category you can buy in the UK. Skoda Superb Estate Regularly voted one ...

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