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History of the Ford Fiesta

05/09/2017 09:59:10

By quite some margin the bestselling car in the UK, the Ford Fiesta has dominated the market with its all-round quality. Economical, extremely safe, and practical in a way that isn’t boring, the Ford Fiesta’s success is well-earned. Here’s a look at the history of this smart hatchback. Spanish roots The first Fiesta appe ...

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Profile of the Ford Focus

17/01/2017 09:42:27

With a new model possibly on the horizon in 2017, what better time to take a look at the history of the Ford Focus? One of the best selling cars in the UK, it has dominated the roads and the small-family car class ever since its launch. 1998 The Ford Focus was first launched in the UK to replace the obsolete Ford Escort model. With design ...

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How the Ford Model T revolutionised the car industry

15/07/2016 11:42:30

Itís easy to forget sometimes just how quickly things have changed over the past 100 years. When it comes to buying a car, we have never had as many options available. Mass produced at factories all across the globe, there is no shortage of affordable cars on offer. But when the car was first becoming a viable transport option, they were often pr ...

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Profile of the Ford Mustang

21/06/2016 09:26:46

It is the dream car of many a petrolhead across the globe. Its name conjures up images of cool, 60ís superstars and high speed police chases. The Ford Mustang is an icon, the definitive muscle car of the 20th century. Recently relaunched for the 21st century, we put the coolest car ever made under the spotlight. Muscle, Power and Speed ...

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History of the Ford Mustang

01/09/2015 09:33:11

The Ford Mustang requires little introduction. The Mustang ferociously rose to iconic car status, immortalised itself in American culture and captivated car enthusiasts worldwide. Follow the Mustang’s rapid evolution through all six generations as detailed below: A Smash Hit – 1st Generation (1964-1973) The original Mustang is o ...

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The History of the Ford Focus

20/03/2015 09:10:40

The Ford Focus is a phenomenal success story within the modern global automotive market. Since its first introduction in Europe during 1998 it has gone from strength to strength and yet showing no signs of stopping. In fact, it was recently named the most popular car of the United Kingdom! The lovable compact car has become a great hit for a ...

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The History of Ford

07/04/2014 17:00:00

The Ford Motor Company is an American based company which currently rubs shoulders with the largest auto manufacturers in the world. Founder Henry Ford and his innovations in vehicle building made it possible for cars to become a common commodity for the masses. The company has even survived through the Great Depression, remaining family c ...

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