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Insurance News

Most common winter car insurance claims

12/12/2017 08:20:40

The cold weather puts extra strain on both the car and you the driver. Whether its adverse weather conditions, the nights drawing in quicker, or the cold weather affecting your reaction time, there’s a chance you’ll be putting in a claim to your insurance provider. So what are the most common winter claims? Car park bumps and scratches ...

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How to choose the best car insurance for you

03/10/2017 08:27:32

With so many different companies and options available to you, finding the right type of car insurance for your needs may seem a little complicated. But there’s no need to be confused. All it takes is a little understanding of your car, your usage and what you need. What do you use your car for? When you fill out a form for your car ...

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Most common car insurance claims

22/08/2017 08:10:36

Protecting our “no claims” bonus has become more and more important as the costs of car insurance continues to increase year on year. So is there any way we can avoid the most common car insurance claims to ensure our premiums stay reasonable? Or are there any types of claim that you might want to look at when involved in an accident? ...

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Why rockstars pay so much car insurance

12/04/2016 09:19:17

Playing sold out arenas, having legions of adoring fans, not to mention the free beer – being a rockstar doesn’t exactly sound like a tough gig. But when it comes to car insurance, most rockstars might wish they were a little more Joe Blogs than Mick Jagger. As you know, car insurance is mandatory for drivers whether A-lister or otherwise. ...

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Car insurance scams

05/02/2016 09:32:58

Between 2009 and 2013, car insurance premiums increased by 89% to £840, according to the AA. But insurers say they are not to blame; instead they are seeing a rise in insurance scams which push the price up for everyone. Here we take a look at three of the most popular type of insurance scams. 1. Crash for cash Crash for cash scams co ...

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Which jobs have the highest insurance premiums

22/09/2014 09:26:57

How much is your profession contributing to the price of your motor insurance? Quite a lot more than you might initially think! Depending on your job, your yearly car insurance could vary between £255 and an eye-watering, hole-in-pocket-burning £6800. Here is our list of highest car insurance premiums, and we'll include some of th ...

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Councillors eye road repair safety drive

30/04/2013 14:00:00
Councillors eye road repair safety drive Image

Improving road surfaces and reducing potholes is the top road safety priority for local councillors, according to a new survey. Road safety charity, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), reports that 74% of councillors had repairing potholes in their top five road-safety priorities, although significantly, 61% also think that the budgets a ...

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