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Motoring shows 2018

13/03/2018 08:55:45

There’s nothing better for petrol heads and car lovers than to get together with other passionate fans to look at some of the most exotic, powerful or beautiful cars on the market. And there are few better places to do this than at a car show, where you can forget about your bank balance and get up close and personal to your dream car. Here are s ...

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Bestselling cars in the UK 2017

02/02/2018 10:24:13

The car industry suffered a little tremor from all the political chit-chat around Brexit. Just how it will affect the UK is still unclear. But car sales continued to be strong in 2017 as we turned to newer, safer, more efficient cars to drive our lives. Here are the five bestselling cars of the UK in 2017. 5th place – Vauxhall Corsa O ...

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Most memorable car advertisements

28/12/2016 11:32:27

The popularity of the car is almost synonymous with the rise of television. Both became widely available after the second world war, with commercials soon seen as a way to fund programming. What better way to promote the prowess of your car then through a tv ad? Since then, some of the most creative adverts ever produced have been by car companie ...

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Self Driving Cars Safety Concerns

23/09/2016 14:14:18

It seems that autonomous cars are no longer just something from science fiction. In fact, we could soon be seeing them on roads across the UK. The government has put out a call for investment in the new driving technology, with tech companies across the globe exploring self-driving cars as a very real possibility. New technologies are always ...

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What to expect from The Grand Tour

20/09/2016 09:54:57

The Grand Tour After the rather dismal offering provided by the Chris Evans fronted Top Gear, a lot of hope has been placed in the original trio’s new show. The Grand Tour will soon be upon us, so what can we expect from the new show? Clarkson, May and Hammond Unleashed A new venue means there are no limits, right? Without any pr ...

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History of the Land Rover Discovery

13/09/2016 11:23:53

Land Rover has long been associated with creating hardy workhorses, designed for countryside living and farmers. That all changed with the launch of the Land Rover Discovery. Designed to be a more affordable Range Rover, the Land Rover Discovery retained some of the classic shape whilst bringing the upmarket air of the Range Rover. Series I ...

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What to expect from the new Top Gear

03/05/2016 12:19:09

The all new series of Top Gear is set to start this month. After a lot of speculation and rumour, we will finally be able to see how the new look line-up gets on replacing the titanic trio that turned a silly little car show into a global phenomenon. So what can we expect from the new series? Chris Evans Love him or hate him, there’s no ...

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