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Offbeat News

Five F1 races worth remembering

19/09/2017 08:28:25

There’s a reason that Formula One is seen as the most thrilling motorsport on the planet. The combination of fastest cars on the planet with the most competitive drivers means the competition for top spot on the podium is always fierce. This has led to some of the most memorable races in sporting history. Here are five of the best. Braz ...

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The most annoying driving habits

08/09/2017 08:14:36

We all like to think we’re the perfect driver. Taking to the road with ease and not causing anyone else any trouble. But other drivers; It doesn’t take much to send us in a fit of rage, either shouting obscenities behind the wheel, seething quietly at the small crime you’ve just witnessed, or the hard, satisfying slam on the car ...

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Most successful stunt drivers of all time

25/08/2017 08:40:42

Death defying jumps, dangerous collisions, and driving really, really fast, stunt drivers have created some of the most spectacular images and sights that we’ve seen on the silver screen (and sometimes off it). Whether it’s the dramatic climax of an action movie or attempting to break a world record, stunt drivers push themselves to t ...

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Most popular road trips in the UK

18/08/2017 09:12:11

Hitting the road in the UK can be more interesting than you think. Forget about the dreary motorways and gridlocked city centres, heading out on the highway can take you through spectacular scenery and to some of the world’s greatest towns and cities. Here are some of the most popular road trips in the UK. London to Brighton Once ...

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Top Five Superhero Vehicles

04/08/2017 08:45:15

Now dominating the silver screen as well as the pages of comic books, superheroes have been inspiring children and adults for decades. With supernatural skills and superhuman strength, we’ve all wondered what it would be like to be a superhero. But it’s not just about superpowers – many of our favourite superheroes often rely on ...

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Weirdest Taxis Around the World

01/08/2017 09:23:35

Whether it’s the iconic Hackney Carriage, or the Big Yellow Taxi from the Joni Mitchell song, taxis have been on the road almost from the very first car. But it’s not always a simple cab that you hail from the side of the road. In some places, hailing a cab can get you quite a different result. Here are some of the weirdest taxis aroun ...

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Ultimate Driving Experiences

28/07/2017 09:56:24

The perfect gift for anyone who loves all things cars, a driving experience can give someone access to cars and tracks that they only dream of. Dreamt of being a racing driver? Or a movie stunt man? There’s an experience for you. Here are some of the best experiences the UK has to offer. Get behind the wheel of a supercar Few people ...

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