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Offbeat News

History of the Rolls Royce Phantom

21/11/2017 09:16:20

Famed for its elegant, prestige, luxury vehicles, the British car manufacturer Rolls-Royce has provided cars for celebrities and royalty during its lifespan. It’s most famous model is the Phantom, a model that harks back to its very beginnings. Let’s take a look back at this iconic car across its eight generations. Rolls-Royce Pha ...

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Top five Aston Martin cars

17/11/2017 11:31:22

Founded just over a hundred years ago, Aston Martin has established themselves as one of the marquee names in British motorcars, up there with Bentley and Jaguar as the cars British people are proud to call their own. Over the years, they have produced some really beautiful cars. Here’s our pick for the top five Aston Martin cars of all tim ...

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Iconic Horror Movie Cars

02/11/2017 16:22:05

When it comes to horror movies, some of the scariest moments across the years have involved four wheels. Whether itís someone being chased by a villain in a car, or the car itself becoming the monster, you would need more than airbags to avoid the death and destruction that come with these iconic horror movie cars. Roadkill Called ďJ ...

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Most popular James Bond cars

27/10/2017 09:10:39

There are four things you associate with the iconic British super-spy James Bond Ė guns, gadgets, girls and fantastic cars. Whether itís a car fitted with machineguns, or simply a beautiful machine he gets behind the wheel of, there have been some amazing Bond-mobiles over the years. Aston Martin DB5 While it wasnít the first car Jame ...

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Most famous cars in literature

23/10/2017 17:13:55

Since the first car was built, it has captured the imagination of writers as another facet to add to their stories. Whether itís a long road trip across America, a magical machine flying through the sky, or a murderous evil machine, cars have inspired some classic literary moments. Hereís our pick of the best book mobiles that arenít mobile libra ...

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Best movie cars of all time

28/09/2017 16:10:24

The silver screen has brought to us some iconic cars across the years. From possessed demon bugs to time-travelling curiosities, petrol heads have never been short of beautiful, mysterious or just plain cool cars to drool at in the cinema. Here are four of our favourites. Back to the Future DeLorean A car that was a flop financially was g ...

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Top Five British Classic Cars

26/09/2017 08:08:33

The history of automobiles is filled with beautifully designed British cars. As four wheels turned from just being practical into icons of design and fashion, British designers were often at the forefront. Itís little wonder then that some of the most coveted classic cars come from British car companies, whose badge alone is often enough to add th ...

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