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Extravagant celebrity cars

Celebrities are often seen as the people to aspire to. Clothes they wear and restaurants they dine at often become more popular just because of their influence. There’s a reason why advertisers pay millions to top superstars to use their product. With their vast amounts of money, celebrities can also adapt and personalise their cars as much as they want.

Paris Hilton

The most famous person famous for being famous, Paris Hilton made her reputation as a wealthy socialite with a wardrobe bigger than most people’s houses. But her extravagance also extended to the road. Her hot pink Bentley Continental GT looked a lot like the cars you see young girls pushing around their bedroom floor.

Floyd Mayweather

The most expensive car in the world is owned by Floyd Mayweather – the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita. Not only is the car over $5 million dollars, but its covered in paintwork that has actual diamonds embedded in. Not one you want to scratch at the car park.

Mario Balotelli

Okay, so perhaps he isn’t a traditional celebrity like the others on the list, but he became almost as famous for his antics off the pitch as his skills playing on it. One of the most eye catching things Balotelli was seen doing was the camouflaged Bentley Continental GT. Not blending in at all, the crazy paint job was one of the most extravagant ever seen on the road.

Rowan Atkinson

You might be surprised to see the man behind Mr Bean on this list. True, his car isn’t the most outlandish on this list. It’s what he does to his cars that make him stand out. Atkinson owned a Mclaren F1, one of the most expensive and exclusive cars on the planet. And he crashed it, twice. This led to the largest insurance payout in UK history - £910,000.

published: 21/04/2017 10:51:05

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