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Handling Complaints With Your Car Warranty

Handling Complaints With Your Car Warranty Image

From time to time, consumers sometimes have difficulties with Car Warranty terms, such as being unable to claim benefits that are found within those terms.  Often, these issues can be resolved with a phone call to the dealer or the issuer of the warranty.  At other times, the process may be a little more involved.


In many cases, issues with a car warranty have to do with miscommunication between car owners and the issuers of the protection.  For example, the owner may believe that a certain type of repair or event is covered, when in fact the circumstances are outside the scope of the coverage.  When this is the case, talking with a representative in order to be clear about what the car warranty does and does not cover and what conditions must prevail for that coverage to be in effect, will clear up any misunderstandings.


At other times, the issue may have to do with the misunderstanding of a dealer on what is and is not covered.  At that point, communication with the issuer will be necessary to determine if a given set of circumstances does fit into the provisions of the car warranty contract.  Throughout the process, make a point of remaining calm and collected, and work with everyone involved to come up with the best possible solution.  Be firm as well as calm, and ask plenty of questions.  Using this approach rather than making threats or causing scenes will often make all the difference in the world, allowing the issue to be settled and the business relationship to continue.

published: 08/03/2011 14:00:00

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