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History of Porsche

Founded by Ferdinand Porsche in the 1930s, the company began life as a consultancy, advising other manufacturers on aspects related to car building but not building any of its own. One of the most famous cars made during this period was the Volkswagen Beetle – commission by Hitler and designed to be a car of the people.

During the Second World War, Porsche saw its efforts turned to producing munitions and tanks, including the fearsome Tiger tanks that wreaked havoc across Europe.

After the war, the Porsche factory in Stuttgart fell into British hands. While Ferdinand was in prison, his son Ferry Porsche began work on designing a car, frustrated that he could not find one that met his requirements. This car would become the 356, the first true Porsche and ready for the road in 1948.

The 356 went through some key changes in the 1950s, overseen by the designer of the Beetle’s distinctive body, Erwin Komenda. The Porsche signature of air-cooled rear-engine cars developed during this period.

The 60s saw the development of the first Spyder and the 911 – two iconic cars that would go on to symbolise the company’s success. The development of the 911 was led by the latest in the Porsche bloodline, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. The 911 became the company’s most well known model, both on the road and the racetrack. The company went public in the 70s, helping it to boost its finances and take it out of being just a family operation.

Away from cars, Porsche started producing accessories such as sunglasses, watches, expanding the reputation of the brand even further.

Looking to improve production methods, Porsche teamed up with Toyota in the 1990s to refine its processes, a relationship that continues to today. It also works closely with Volkswagen, thanks to their shared start under Hitler’s dark regime.

Today, Porsche is one of the most profitable car companies in the world. Thanks to its exciting designs, quality of build, and the brand built across the years.

Famous Porsches

911 – Developed in the sixties, the 911 is the most famous Porsche.

917 – The iconic race car, you will recognise the 917 by its distinctive Gulf Oil paintwork.

Boxster – Often wrongly described as watered down 911, this car saved the company from financial troubles upon it launch in the late 90s.

published: 13/06/2017 10:13:47

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