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How self driving cars can change our lives

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the future of motoring is self-driving cars. Autonomous vehicles will soon have a real presence on the road. So how will this change driving for us? What exactly does the driverless future hold for motorists, car design and transport in general?

Meetings on the move

With a computer taking the wheel, the commute to and from work will provide much more time to catch up on work. This could mean shorter working days as you complete some of your work on the way in. But it could also mean that the working day is extended even further. Morning meetings sat in your car? It could happen.

No more gridlock

When all the cars are connected to the driverless network, it should mean that there will be no more traffic jams or gridlock, as the computer in charge plans everything perfectly. Sure, there are likely to be a few teething problems as things get set-up, but in the end, getting from A to B should be a breeze.

In-car entertainment

Driverless cars means that in effect, everyone inside will be a passenger. That means the journey will be less about keeping concentrated on the road, and more about keeping yourself entertained. Expect in-car entertainment to be truly revolutionised. Game consoles, mobile cinemas, the possibilities are truly exciting for anyone who hates the idea of long boring motorways.

Style over substance

One thing that has happened in recent years is how cars are becoming more similar in style. This is down to aerodynamics and, most importantly, safety. But driverless cars, in theory, shouldn’t crash. So there is the potential for cars to rediscover their beautiful designs. There are other bold possibilities, such as completely windowless cars or even multi-storey vehicles. While this might not be an immediate change, expect the look of the car to remain an important factor, just in a different direction.

published: 10/11/2017 08:15:55

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