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Most common breakdown causes

When your car breaks down, it can be a real nightmare. Stranded on the side of the road, waiting for the recovery vehicle to come along and take you to safety, no one enjoys that. Here are some of the most common causes of car breakdowns, so you can be prepared and possibly prevent that dreaded car failure.

Not enough oil

Without oil, your engine doesn’t have lubrication and overheats. A seized engine is pretty much irreparable, so you will want to make sure you check the levels at regular intervals. If in doubt, you can always ask a mechanic to give you an oil change to make sure everything is how it should be.

Flat battery

A flat battery is one of the most frustrating ways to have a breakdown. So make sure you pack some jumper cables in the back of your car. You can also take a look at your battery and check for signs of corrosion. That could be a tell-tale sign that your battery is on its way out.

Flat tyres

It’s not just your battery that can get flat. A flat or damaged tyre can be difficult to fix, especially if you break down on a busy road where oncoming traffic might not be as considerate as you would like. Check your tyres tread regularly, and make sure the air pressure matches what’s in the driver’s handbook.

Starter motor not working

One of the most frustrating breakdowns is when you can hear the car trying to tick over, only to fail with every twist of the key. This is a sign that the starter motor isn’t working. This can be avoided with regular servicing. If you notice your car is becoming more difficult to start, it’s time to get it checked.

Clutch cable snapping

The clutch cable is under a lot of stress, so it’s no surprise to see it be one of the main causes of breakdowns. A snapped cable will need to be fixed by a mechanic. You might notice a change in the weight of the clutch pedal. This is a sure sign that it needs to be checked for a potential incoming failure.

published: 14/11/2017 09:15:36

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