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Most common car insurance claims

Protecting our “no claims” bonus has become more and more important as the costs of car insurance continues to increase year on year. So is there any way we can avoid the most common car insurance claims to ensure our premiums stay reasonable? Or are there any types of claim that you might want to look at when involved in an accident? Here is a list of the most common claims for you to keep in mind. 

Windshield damage

Whether it’s a chip in the glass, a loose piece of debris has caused a crack, or even some poor unsuspecting animal colliding with the window headfirst, claiming to have your windshield fixed is one of the most common. You can counter this by looking for a package that includes windscreen cover.


You may have seen news reports from insurers deriding how many claims there have been in the past few years, using them as a handy excuse for pushing up premiums. Whiplash is a difficult injury to detect, so it is often used by fraudsters as a way to scam some money. But if you are genuinely suffering, you should look at claiming, especially if you’ve been involved in a collision.


No matter what you do, sometimes there’s no way to avoid having your car broken into. Smashed windows and stolen stereos are a pain, especially if they are expensive and didn’t come with the car. The good news is that you can lower premiums by installing additional security options or by parking your car in a secure location.

‘Fender benders’

Most common at traffic lights or junctions, it’s far too easy for distracted drivers to hit the back of you after you’ve stopped. If you are concerned about being involved in an accident, why not purchase a pair of dash cams to ensure that if you are in an accident, you will have the evidence you need to support your claim.

published: 22/08/2017 08:10:36

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