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Most iconic movie car stunts

For car lovers, there are not many better sights than seeing a decent car chase in a film. From Buster Keaton to the Fast and Furious Series, when a film has needed thrills or chills the car has always been a fantastic way to provide them. CGI may have taken over as the main source of special effects, but it will never replace the tactile feel of real people driving real cars. Here’s our pick of the best car stunts to hit the silver screen.

Car corkscrew – The Man with the Golden Gun

Quite possibly the greatest action series of all time, James Bond films always come with an iconic set piece. In Roger Moore’s second outing he was tasked with tracking down the three nippled hitman Scaramanga, memorably played by Christopher Lee. But it’s earlier in the film where the real action happens.

Bond is chasing down a lead when he comes to a damaged bridge. And in fantastic Bond style, instead of finding an alternative route he drives his car across, carrying out a complete 360 degree barrel roll in mid-air. It truly is a spectacular stunt, one that is often imitated, never bettered.

The train chase – French Connection

One of those rare occasions where a car chase is entirely made up of stunts, The French Connection has no-nonsense New York cop Popeye Doyle (Gene Hackman) chasing after a major player importing heroin to the city that never sleeps. When the suspect catches a train, Doyle doesn’t give up, driving his car through the busy city streets to get his man. Director William Friedkin conducted some of the chase through real traffic, with genuine panicked drivers swerving out of the way. It makes for a thrilling sequence.

The bus jump – Speed

An adrenaline fuelled chase film that transformed action cinema on its release, Speed utilised Keanu Reeves’s action hero talents and made a movie star out of Sandra Bullock. Highlight of the film is when the bus that can’t slow down comes to an unfinished bridge. With no way out but through, the bus leaps across the huge gap, landing in a shower of sparks, the bus safe, the bomb undetonated.

Train escape – Fast Five

The Fast and Furious series is the biggest action movie franchise on the planet at the moment. While it normally relies on CGI to bring the spectacle, it still uses real cars and real stunts. In Fast Five, the furious gang are tasked with conducting a heist on a moving train. With the train at full speed, the gang get behind the wheel of their cars and drive. A thrilling start to the best film in the series.

published: 13/07/2017 12:53:07

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