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Most successful stunt drivers of all time

Death defying jumps, dangerous collisions, and driving really, really fast, stunt drivers have created some of the most spectacular images and sights that we’ve seen on the silver screen (and sometimes off it). Whether it’s the dramatic climax of an action movie or attempting to break a world record, stunt drivers push themselves to the very limit for our entertainment. Here are some of the most successful stunt drivers of all time.

Evel Knievel

Quite possibly the most famous stunt driver of all time, just his name alone conjures up images of stars and stripes jumpsuits, huge leaps, and powerful motorbikes. In his career, Evel attempted over 75 motorcycle jumps, huge ramp-to-ramp leaps over almost impossible gaps. A pop culture icon, one of his most infamous jumps was a failed attempt over Snake River Canyon using a steam powered rocket.

Eddie Kidd OBE

Known as the ‘English Evel Knievel’, Eddie was a stunt rider and stuntman, doubling up for James Bond in The Living Daylights and Goldeneye. Leaps over double decker buses were iconically British. Eddie was paralysed after a crash in 1996, but this didn’t stop him. He completed the London Marathon in 2011 and was an Olympic torch bearer one year later.

Colin Follenweider

If you go to the cinema these days chances are you will see Colin Follenweider on screen. One of the most popular and in-demand stuntmen, he has appeared in James Bond films, Die Hard, and the Marvel films. As well as behind the wheel, he is an accomplished martial artist and regularly plays a key part in the most brutal fight sequences.

Wendy Leech

There aren’t many female stunt drivers, so to make your name in such a male dominated industry takes a lot of skill. Wendy Leech is often regarded as the greatest stuntwoman ever, most famously doubling for the women in the Indiana Jones film series.

Vic Armstrong

Quite possibly the most famous stunt man in movie history, Vic Armstrong is responsible for some of the most iconic film sequences to grace the silver screen. Like his wife Wendy Leech, Vic was in the Indiana Jones films. The sequence with the truck where Indy is dragged behind, holding on with his whip – that was Vic doing the dirty work. He was also the man behind the stunts in Terminator 2, in particular the storm drain chase at the start.

published: 25/08/2017 08:40:42

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