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Profile of the Ford Focus

With a new model possibly on the horizon in 2017, what better time to take a look at the history of the Ford Focus? One of the best selling cars in the UK, it has dominated the roads and the small-family car class ever since its launch.


The Ford Focus was first launched in the UK to replace the obsolete Ford Escort model. With design and safety principles changing, the outdated Escort needed an upgrade to catch consumer attention. Enter the Focus. Aimed at the small-family and entry-level car market, the Focus was designed to be an all rounder that was good on fuel economy, safety, and comfort. The initial Focus delivered, winning numerous car of the year awards and becoming an instant success with car buyers across the UK.


The second generation of the Focus was launched in 2004. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, seemed to be Ford’s motto as they looked at capitalising on the original model’s success without losing what made it so popular. Improved build techniques meant a better ride quality. Another change was the slightly smoother, rounded body that was better aerodynamically. Another key feature was bigger interior space, meaning more room for children in the back and luggage in the boot.


The latest model of the Focus was launched in 2011. As well as improvements to safety, economy and overall build, Ford also debuted electric and hybrid versions to take advantage of the increased desire for this type of vehicle. ST versions of this iteration added a sporty dimension, with 252 BHP of power added.


What next? With rumours of a new model being released next year, Ford will be looking to capitalise on the success of the Focus. Expect more refinement, better technology and for emissions to be reduced as the company gets set for the autonomous future on the horizon.

published: 17/01/2017 09:42:27

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