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Profile of the Ford Mustang

It is the dream car of many a petrolhead across the globe. Its name conjures up images of cool, 60’s superstars and high speed police chases. The Ford Mustang is an icon, the definitive muscle car of the 20th century. Recently relaunched for the 21st century, we put the coolest car ever made under the spotlight.

Muscle, Power and Speed

The launch of the Mustang created a whole new class of vehicle – what’s known as the “pony” car. Its long distinctive hood with short rear deck was a striking and bold addition to the car scene. Imitators quickly sprung up, but none could compete with the original and best.

Produced between 1965 to 1973, the first generation Mustang perfectly summed up the switch from 50’s to 60’s style. Putting power and aesthetics before practicality, the Mustang was originally built with five requirements – four bucket seats, weigh less than 2,500 pounds, no longer than 180 inches, sell for less than $2500 and come within a range of luxury, power and comfort options. It was also designed so that it would appeal to women but be desired by men. Needless to say, the unique new design fit the criteria.

It was such a success that other car manufacturers had to suddenly struggle to keep up. General Motors were completely blindsided, and Chrysler tried rebranding their Plymouth Barracuda as a pony car only to have it fall flat. Ford had stuck gold.

Success across the years

The Mustang is the sole muscle car to maintain production across the past six decades. The sixth generation was launched in 2015. The new design combined the original distinctive shape and grille with the modern standards of aerodynamics and safety. It is a pure muscle machine that is safe – it received the highest rating from the American road safety assessors the National Highway traffic Safety Administration. The V6 300hp “Cyclone” engine gives it some considerable grunt, going 0-60 in just 4.3 seconds.

The new Ford Mustang shows just how well designed the original car was. Even after all these years with style changes and attitudes changing drastically, the Ford Mustang remains an icon of cool.

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published: 21/06/2016 09:26:46

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