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Protect your pocket from potholes with a car warranty

Protect your pocket from potholes with a car warranty Image

With an estimated £1 million paid out by motorists in England and Wales last year alone due to damage to the suspension and axles of their cars caused by potholes, a new call has been made to local councils to resurface roads that are badly damaged.  Luckily, many of these costs can be covered by Car Warranties although this does not eliminate the inconvenience such damage causes.

There are an estimated 1.7 million potholes on the roads in England and Wales, a statistic detailed in the Annual Local Road Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) report, with a reported11-year back log when it comes to road repairs.  Despite a relatively mild winter potholes are still continuing to cause problems to motorists both in terms of inconvenience and unwanted cost for those without adequate warranties.

Industry experts have said that it is simply not acceptable for roads to be patched up.  Instead, they need to be resurfaced to eliminate this problem for motorists.  With average repair bills equalling more than £300 for the damage caused by potholes, the move to have roads resurfaced is being called urgent by some.

Councils have been criticised for not having the foresight to implement "pothole plans" that could have gone some way to repairing roads before the damage became severe enough to result in motorists being out of pocket.

Making sure that your vehicle has an adequate Car Warranty can help to eliminate the costs of repair that could be incurred by driving on roads that are ravaged by potholes.

Author - Michael Barclay

published: 19/03/2012 14:00:01

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