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Summer driving tips

If there’s one thing about being British it’s that the summer can make us a little crazy. Perhaps because we are so used to drizzle and damp, that when the sun finally does make an appearance we head out in our droves to make the most of it. This often means that the roads are busier and driving can be more difficult. Here are our tips to make sure your summer driving experience is fun in the sun.

Give your vehicle a check over

The last thing you need when out on a summer’s drive is for your car to break down. The most common causes in the good weather season are down to water and oil levels, and tyre pressure. Give your car a good look over and make sure that everything is as it should be. You don’t want to be stood at the side of the road waiting for your car to cool down after it’s overheated. Take plenty of spare oil and water with you, just in case.

Plan your route

Knowing which roads are likely to be busy in advance of your journey can save you a major headache. By looking at the route you want to take, you can see where the obvious congestion areas are and either redirect your journey or change your timings so that you miss out on the peak periods.

Shade your interior

Whether it’s a windshield screen or a piece of discarded cardboard, keeping the interior of your car cool is vitally important during the hot months. Interior upholstery can become extremely hot – both the seats you sit on and the steering wheel. Covering them with something to protect them from the sunshine can save you time. Be especially careful with seatbelt buckles as these can cause severe burns, especially to children.

published: 06/07/2017 15:41:12

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