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The best driving apps to aid your journey

The rise of the smartphone means that you no longer need to rely on an expensive Sat Nav to help your journey. Provided you have a means of charging your mobile, your smartphone can be the best tool to have in your car. Here are some of the essential apps you need to make the most of your driving experience.

Google Maps(Android) /Maps (iOS)

Installed as standard with most phones, the two big map apps make planning your journey extremely straightforward. Not just relying on mobile connection, by putting in your destination at the start of the journey, you will be provided with simple, plain English directions to your target.


The problem with smartphone addiction just doesn’t disappear when you are behind the wheel. So you’ll want a way of replying to messages without using your hands. Drivemode allows you to use voice reply to texts, Whatsapp and messenger messages.


Similar to Drivemode, ReadItToMe uses a smart recognition function to read out every message to your phone. It will also tell you the name of callers and is available in a number of different languages. Meaning you can keep your focus on the road.


Traffic is still a problem in the age of smart driving, so you’ll want to download Waze. Using crowd-sourced information, Waze will alert you of congestion, roadworks and accidents that can affect your journey. You can also set the app to report incidents you encounter, meaning you’ll be helping other drivers toward a smooth journey.


Worried about running out of petrol? GasBuddy will provide you with details of all the local petrol stations, as well as charging stations. Whats more, if you use recommended locations, you can earn points to enter you into prize draws and raffles. 

published: 10/02/2017 09:24:36

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