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The Bests Car for Long Commutes

Not everyone is fortunate enough that they work close to where they live. For many others the morning commute becomes a stressful battle against time, traffic and road conditions. Nevertheless, it must be faced daily so we can earn a living. By choosing a practical car for long commutes it can make the journey more bearable and financially viable. No single car will make a perfect choice for everyone due to our varying needs and budgets. However, once you have become familiar with the four following factors you will be able to select your own ideal commuter car.

Consider the Overall Cost

First try not to get carried away by buying an awesome but expensive car that strains your finances. Instead consider how long you could spend paying for the car and whether its actually affordable. Servicing costs should not be forgotten about, some manufacturers are far more costly to maintain. On the other hand donít buy the cheapest car you can find, this would be a false economy. Your new car will be a work-horse, you should invest in quality to see you through the long run.

Donít Forget About Comfort

Letís say on average it takes you one hour to travel between home and work. This would mean two hours of your day will be spent in transit. Since it represents a sizeable chunk of your day itís preferable to be as comfortable as possible. During those long commutes sitting in traffic each day you will be much more grateful for comfortable seats and mod-cons. A sports car with a soft-top, rock hard ride and not much else is going to get tiresome. Choose from cars more suited for long-term comforts and imagine yourself using it for your journey.

Economy Will Affect Your Savings

If you are interested maximising your savings each month, economy is going to be one of the most important factors you need to consider. Driving an uneconomical car will sacrifice a considerable slice of your pay-check just getting to work and back each day. See the points below for general tips on selecting the most economical cars:

  • Smaller capacity engines Ė Use less fuel over the same distance
  • Diesel engines Ė Return better economy than their petrol counterparts
  • Smaller/lighter cars Ė Use less fuel as there is less weight to shift
  • Modern cars Ė Newer designs are more efficient, refined and use less fuel

Quick internet research will reveal the miles per gallon specifications for most manufacturers and models. By using this information as a guideline it is possible to calculate your potential fuel costs over the long run.

It Absolutely Must be Reliable

Itís likely you will rely on your car at least twice per day, five days per week. Ideally it must start and run without a hitch every time. Whilst no car can guarantee 100% reliability, it makes sense to choose one you can feel confident in. With all the miles you will clock up you donít want something that is going to give up half way and leave you stranded. Not only will this result in major inconvenience†but a potential loss of earnings. More modern cars are usually more reliable but be sure to check with customer reviews and reports before you make your purchase.

published: 16/01/2015 09:18:49

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