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The most annoying driving habits

We all like to think we’re the perfect driver. Taking to the road with ease and not causing anyone else any trouble. But other drivers; It doesn’t take much to send us in a fit of rage, either shouting obscenities behind the wheel, seething quietly at the small crime you’ve just witnessed, or the hard, satisfying slam on the car horn. Here are some of the most annoying driving habits you’ll see on the road.

Not indicating when turning

It’s not just BMW drivers who are guilty of ignoring their indicators. You’ll often be on the road, only to witness someone turn sharply off, change lane without warning, or, worst of all, keep turning at the roundabout just when you thought it was okay to pull out. Not only is it irritating, it can be dangerous too.

Driving way below the speed limit

When you’re in a hurry, there’s nothing more frustrating than a car in front crawling along 10mph below the speed limit. Infuriating on single carriageways, the temptation to drive up close behind the car in front is often had to resist. But that would make you just as bad, as the next annoying habit is…


Having someone get right up the back of your car is an aggressive, irritating and sometimes frightening experience. It’s not always because you aren’t driving fast enough, it often happens when you’re being careful to stay at the speed limit.

Middle-lane hogging

From experience, it seems that no-one knows exactly how the lanes on a motorway are supposed to work. There’s a reason why the centre lane is known as the passing lane. It’s supposed to be kept free so those in the outside “slow” lane can pass safely. But there’s always someone cruising along in the passing lane, forcing you to slow down and disrupting your journey.

Music playing too loud

The charms of local radio aren’t quite enough for some. It seems they want the experience of standing in front of the biggest speakers at a concert or nightclub out on the road. We’ve all felt it. The throb of a heavy bassline as someone in their mobile disco drives along the road, desperate to share exactly what terrible music they are listening to with the world!

published: 08/09/2017 08:14:36

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