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The True Cost of Car Repairs Video

The True Cost of Car Repairs Image

You may remember, Go Car Warranty recently created an infographic, "The True Cost of Car Repairs". For many, taking your car to the garage can be a daunting experience - not everybody has a wealth of knowledge on how their cars work or the costs involved to fix them if they should breakdown. This is why we have used the vast amount of data available to us to show you the total cost of various repairs on your vehicle.

As the infographic proved to be a great success and an area that we were keen to champion, we have gone one step further and created a video outlining the infographic ensuring we help as many customers as possible to get a fair deal.

In the video you will see that we have highlighted many car parts, researched the average cost of the part and then added the price of labour to show you the total amount you would be likely to pay if your car broke down due to one of those parts failing.

If you have ever purchased a warranty, you are probably the sort of person that appreciates just how much car repairs can cost. So join us in getting under the bonnet to ensure you’re getting a true repair cost and to understand the true value of replacing certain broken parts.

To see even more parts and the true repair costs take a look at our infographic and video.

published: 14/11/2013 17:00:00

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