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Top 10 Most Ridiculous Car Accessories

BMW car eyelashesYour car is something to be proud of; something to show off to your friends and talk about at parties. Automobile marketers have latched onto the fact that itís no longer enough to have a functioning motor which can get you from A-B; style matters. The car accessories business has never been bigger. However style is, like many things, a personal thing. Here are 10 of the more ridiculous car accessories you can find.

Top 10 list

1. The Outrageous Bumper Sticker - Whatís your humourÖ a light-hearted threat of road rage? An inappropriate innuendo? Whatever youíve gone for, unfortunately itís more likely that the driver behind you is taking a picture of your Ďhilariousí sticker to stick on an internet forum than chuckling at your witticism. The Huffington Post shared a story on the worst car stickers here.

2. The Personalised Number Plate - Itís both cheaper and easier than you would think to turn your number plate - an important legal requirement of owning a vehicle - into a pun. Fortunately for those who donít understand the fascination, the DVLA has taken the initiative to ban a number of possible Ďoffensiveí plates. Jalopnik ran a story here on the 10 worst license plates ever approved.†

3. The Seat Cover - Boring, drab upholstery? Why not show your discontent with the ordinary by wrapping your car seats in fluffy zebra-patterned covers, or perhaps a zany leopard print?

4. The Nodding Dog - What more could you want when youíre bumper to bumper in traffic than a grinning hound nodding incessantly in your direction? As ridiculous as this concept might be, it doesnít stop it from being one of the most popular accessories for new drivers.

5.† The Garish Eyelashes - Those who study the human mind are likely to tell you that as a species we are programmed to look for faces in inanimate objects. Itís no surprise then that accessory makers have delighted in turning a carís headlights into eyes with lashes a model would be envious of.

6.† The Weird Hub Cap - Nowadays a plain and sturdy hub cap isnít enough. You can turn the spokes into anything you want and the internet is full of wonderful ideas; teddy bears, spikes, propellers - even pac man.

7. The Spoiler - If you think about it, ĎSpoilerí is both the most fitting and the most unusual name that can be given to an accessory. They may be great for use in racing - as they Ďspoilí the effect of unwanted turbulence - but they are at risk of looking ridiculous when cruising down the high street in a family wagon. This website shared the 25 unnecessary spoilers.

8.† The Convenience Accessory - The drinks holder was a great idea. The cigarette lighter, in its time, was the perfect accessory. Even trays for rear-seat passengers are acceptable. But when you start installing door pockets for French fries and a tray under the steering wheel, you know youíre doing something wrong.

9. The Seasonal Gimmick - We know itís Christmas because itís cold and we have the same songs in our head every day. With reindeer antlers on your windows and the red nose on your radiator, it doesnít make your car Rudolf.

10. The Batmobile - In the eyes of both car enthusiasts and comic book fans, the worst crime you can commit is trying to turn your car into The Batmobile. Especially if your car happens to be more beetle than bat.

published: 29/07/2014 11:16:42

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