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Top five cars for new drivers

When you pass your driving test, you want to get out on the road as quickly as possible. That can lead to you looking for the first car you can afford, and not whether its the right car for you and your experience. So what cars should you be looking for? Here is our selection of five top cars for new drivers, that have all the traits you need from a first car.

Ford Fiesta

The most popular car in the UK, the Fiesta has earned its reputation as one of the best cars on the market. It is an absolutely outstanding all-rounder, excelling in most areas. The car is excellent and simple to drive, with parking (often difficult for new drivers) quite straightforward. Economically, the car is cheap to run, important for the younger new driver who has to pay a great deal for insurance. The car also has excellent safety features, receiving top marks from Euro NCAP.

Vauxhall Corsa

The big rival to the Fiesta, the Corsa shares a lot of the successes as the Fiesta. Extremely safe, fun to drive and low running costs, the Corsa is just as suited to new drivers as the Fiesta. The Corsa also comes with a number of different upgrade options, so you can customise the vehicle to match your style.

MINI Cooper

The quintessential young person car, whether it’s the classic or the modern reboot, the MINI Cooper is a fantastic first car. If you have a choice, the modern version is fitted with decent safety features. So while it may lose some of its retro cool, it will also keep you safe.

Volkswagen Polo

Rather than the Golf, the Polo should be the VW of choice for young drivers. Not quite as powerful, this will make insurers much happier, hopefully reducing those early costs a little. It’s also quite the performer, sharing the same engine as the Audi A1.

Fiat Punto

For those after some Italian style, the Fiat Punto is a nice first car to drive. It also has a sense of character when compared to the others on this list, not quite as cookie cutter as most superminis.  

published: 14/02/2017 10:09:02

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