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Top Five Most Popular Mercedes

Often seen as the pinnacle of style, engineering, and prestige, the Mercedes car brand has shaken off the darkness of its World War history to become one of the leading brands in the world. Being a German brand, the usual expectations of refined technology, efficient engines, and a sense of class not associated with most other countries, are all definitely present. Here are the top five most popular Mercedes in the UK.

Mercedes C-Class

The Mercedes C-Class is the perfect symbol of everything that Mercedes stands for, and it is one of the most popular executive cars in the UK of any make. Everything about it exudes class, from the upmarket interior to the smart and economical engines. While it may be more expensive than cars of a similar style, the price is a big part of what makes Mercedes so special.

Mercedes SLK

The sporty member of the Mercedes family, the SLK is a luxury roadster for those who want to combine business with pleasure. As with most Mercedes, there is a wide range of engine choices available so you can get the power you want to match your ride.

Mercedes A-Class

Sometimes wrongly seen as the entry level Mercedes, the A-Class is a pricey alternative to the other hatchbacks on the market. Where it truly excels is the range of technology available. From smart safety features to top of the range in-car entertainment, it makes the higher price worth paying.

Mercedes GLA

The crossover SUV market is one that all car brands are trying to break into. The GLA is Mercedes’ most popular entry into the market, competing with the BMW X1 and Audi Q3 to provide a prestige German vehicle for those who want a big car for their families, or simply want a large vehicle.

Mercedes AMG

Out of all the high performance sports cars, the Mercedes AMG is perhaps one of the most surprising. It doesn’t have the Porsche or Ferrari badge, but it competes on almost every level. It has a beastly V8 engine, sharp handling and a drive that makes you feel in complete control. 

published: 08/08/2017 09:29:17

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