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Top tips for driving in the rain

Now that summer is firmly behind us, autumn is on the way. And in the UK, you know this brings one thing – rain. Those grey days will soon be upon us, where the sky is cloudy and a constant stream of drizzle seems to fall upon us. Driving in the wet is something all British drivers should be used to, but it can still catch you off guard. Here are our top tips to keep you safe in the slick.

Is your journey essential?

When the rain is really pouring down and the roads are covered in water, it might be worth reconsidering whether you need to hit the road at all. If it’s a non-essential drive, why not leave it for another – drier- time.

Are your windscreen wipers in good condition?

It’s no use having windscreen wipers if the blade is worn out and barely working. Not only can this leave you with zero visibility when you drive, it’s also a fail on your MOT. A pair of new windscreen wipers are cheap, and some stores will even fit them for you for free.

Drive slower

This may seem obvious, but many drivers don’t realise just how slick roads can become. Slowing down when it’s raining gives you more time to react. Remember, braking distance is increased by ten times in the wet, so you will need that extra few seconds to react. It will also help you deal with drivers around you who aren’t being careful.

Don’t just drive through puddles

When you see a big pool of water on the road, you might not realise just how deep it is. Driving blindly through can leave your car floating, causing a lot of damage to your engine and electronics. Watch out for any warning signs and take it easy. If in doubt, try and find another route.

published: 10/10/2017 08:18:51

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