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Toyota IQ Cobra Suspension Good for Car Warranty Owners

Many drivers have been awaiting the release of the new Toyota model, the iQ, with a great deal of anticipation. The car will offer both financial savings and increased ability, and the addition of a Cobra suspension will help to make it an even more popular choice. The launch has already seen a great deal of approval for the car, with all those involved in testing it being particularly impressed, especially with the Cobra suspension. The suspension lowers the car by 30mm, providing the car with a lower centre of gravity and improved handling ability.

The springs are powder coated to give the system a longer life than other models, and can also resist salted roads during winter. The production process for the Cobra system particularly detailed, allowing Toyota to offer a five-year warranty on the vehicle’s various parts.

Additional features such as the Cobra suspension are ideal for Car Warranty owners. Knowing that your car’s various parts are guaranteed for a reasonable amount of time can give you further confidence, and any parts that are not individually covered will be included in your car warranty. The importance of car warranty is not to be underestimated, as the savings in the long run can be huge. Excellent car warranty will save not only save you paying out unnecessary amounts of money – it will save on time and unnecessary stress.

published: 03/12/2010 12:28:55

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