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Vauxhall Will Keep Lifetime Warranty

Vauxhall Will Keep Lifetime Warranty Image

Vauxhall has stated that it will be keeping on its lifetime Car Warranty following the news that its sister company Opel has decided to scrap its own version of the offer.  Opel is set to replace the lifetime warranty with the option of an extended warranty, albeit for extra cash.  

Vauxhall UK, however, has been quick to assure its customers that it has no intention of following suit by also scrapping the lifetime warranty guarantee.  "The Vauxhall lifetime warranty is one year old and is now an established Vauxhall brand value" the company said in a statement.  "It is important to Vauxhall customers and has a positive bearing on their purchase decision - Vauxhall has no intention to withdraw from its lifetime warranty."

While many people believe that, as the name suggests, the Vauxhall lifetime guarantee extends to the entire lifetime of the car, "lifetime" actually refers only to the vehicle's first 100,000 miles driven.  Following 100,000 miles, car owners will then have to resort to purchasing an extended warranty.  For this reason Vauxhall has come in for some criticism from people who believe that the promotion of it as a "Lifetime warranty" is misleading.  The good news, however, is that even people who buy a used vehicle from a Vauxhall Network Q dealer will be able to get the same offer providing the car concerned is less than 12 months old and has covered under 30,000 miles.

Opel made the announcement last week that its own lifetime warranty deal would be finishing after being offered for just one year.

Author - Michael Barclay

published: 27/10/2011 14:00:00

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