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Vehicles with flood faults may be sold on

Vehicles with flood faults may be sold on Image

Cars with potentially fatal faults caused by recent flood damage may be being put up for sale, motorists are being warned.

Would-be buyers are being urged to be on their guard to ensure they don't end up with a dangerous car whose brakes or airbags may be damaged.

Insurers write off vehicles that have been immersed in flood water but AA Insurance is worried that some motorists whose cars appear okay after they've dried out may put them up for sale instead of putting in a claim on their policy.

Flood damage can cause serious problems with a vehicle's electrical systems, including its airbags which then may not deploy in an accident or may go off unexpectedly. Water penetration can also make a vehicle more prone to mechanical breakdown and cause wheel bearings to seize and affect the brakes, starter motor and alternator as well as cutting the life of the exhaust system and catalytic convertor.

AA Insurance director Simon Douglas said an AA Patrol employee had suffered a broken arm when an airbag deployed suddenly while he was working on a flood-damaged car.

published: 28/11/2012 17:00:01

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