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Weirdest Taxis Around the World

Whether it’s the iconic Hackney Carriage, or the Big Yellow Taxi from the Joni Mitchell song, taxis have been on the road almost from the very first car. But it’s not always a simple cab that you hail from the side of the road. In some places, hailing a cab can get you quite a different result. Here are some of the weirdest taxis around the world.

Supercar taxis in Dubai

If you are in a hurry in the Middle East, then you can do a lot worse than hailing one of their supercar taxis. A common sight on the roads of Dubai, you can get a lift in a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, a whole range of the most expensive cars that money can buy. A big change from the humble black cab.

Water taxis in Venice

A city like Venice with its many waterways and lack of roads, getting from one place to another leaves little option than to take to the canals. Water taxis come in a range of sizes, but the classic is the wood panelled speedboat, ferrying you up the river to one of the luxurious hotels, or maybe just to St Mark’s Square or the Lido.

Amphibious taxi in London

Beating the congestion in the capital is a challenge for even the most experienced cabbie. So what better way to avoid the gridlock then to take to the Thames? Soon to be more common on the streets of London, amphibious taxis will be available to take you from A to B via the river.

Snowmobile taxi in Norway

The wintry landscapes of Norway mean that roads are often covered in ice and snow that makes driving impossible. So one enterprising taxi firm have created a fleet of snowmobiles to help move tourists and locals to ski slopes and cabins with ease.

published: 01/08/2017 09:23:35

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