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Why Buy Extended Car Warranty

Whenever you purchase something in a shop there is always a manufacturer’s warranty associated with the item. You can buy extended warranties and the shop assistant will always offer to sell you this policy. Many people find this quite annoying but in some cases, such as when buying a new car, it can prove extremely helpful.

Car Warranty is a very useful feature, as the manufacturer would normally give 3 years as standard. This means that if anything happens during the 3 years that is not the driver’s fault and the car breaks down, then the manufacturer will repair it. Purchasing extended warranties will in effect lengthen the cover you receive.

Car repairs can be extremely expensive and so if you are not planning to change your car after the initial 3-year warranty period has ended, then extended warranty would be a wise choice. Cars can fail to work at the most inappropriate times and struggling to pay to get it fixed is often a problem. Extended warranty can take the worry out of that.

Go Car warranty offers the cheapest policy around at the moment. Their prices start from just £99.00. When you consider the fact that a replacement gearbox can cost on average £1300.00 then you can easily see why taking out an extended warranty policy is the sensible thing to do.

published: 18/11/2010 11:39:25

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