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Winter Tyres Increase Driver and Fleet Safety

Winter Tyres Increase Driver and Fleet Safety Image

It is not enough to just take out an extended auto warranty and think that covers you for all eventualities.  Other safety precautions, such as switching to winter tyres, can have a big impact on the safety of fleets and drivers, according to Inchcape Fleet Solutions (IFS).  Continental Tyres has recently undertaken research that shows that the fitment of winter tyres when in temperatures of less than seven degrees centigrade have a big impact on increasing grip and cutting down on stopping distances.

Given that the mean temperature in the United Kingdom has been seven degrees or even less for more than five months of the year for the last half a century, that in itself is a compelling argument for switching to winter tyres, says Inchcape Fleet Solutions.

IFS notes that it is completely unreasonable to expect just one kind of tyre to be able to give high safety standards when annual temperatures can range from as high as 30 degree centigrade to as low as -15 degrees, which is the reason for the development of specialist winter tyres.

"Winter tyres are irrefutably proven to increase driver safety in cold conditions" said the Commercial Manager of Inchcape Fleet Solutions, Peter Eldridge.  "There is a clear link between the number of insurance claims made in the winter months and the colder temperature.  The swap process is very simple...(And) when the temperature rises again, it is simply a case of changing the tyres back over."

published: 26/10/2011 14:00:01

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