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Extended Car Warranties

All new vehicles are sold with a manufacturer's warranty. These warranties will vary in terms of parts covered and also the duration of cover. When a manufacturer’s warranty runs out the owner is left with potentially high repair costs should the car breakdown. This is when an extended car warranty can be purchased to protect the vehicle owner.

Extended car warranties are the perfect way to keep down the rising annual running costs of your vehicle. If your car breaks down unexpectedly, you may be faced with a big repair bill for both the parts and the cost of labour. Buying an extended car warranty will help you avoid these costs and isn't as expensive as you may think.


We offer extended car warranties from just £299. If you want to ensure that you protect your car even further, then our Ultimate Car Warranty option can be purchased from just £124 depending on your vehicle. To ensure even further cover, our UltimatePlus includes all the benefits of the Ultimate Car Warranty cover and combines wear and tear protection. For additional cover, please read more about our association with Kwik-Fit to bring you the Absolute Warranty package.

We can ensure that you don't have to worry when your manufacturer's warranty ends. By purchasing one of our affordable extended car warranty packages you will be given comprehensive protection for your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Question about extended car warranties

Should I purchase an extended car warranty?

This depends on your circumstances. If you feel that you can risk the expense of your car breaking down without any warning then you may not need a warranty. You will, however, have to pay the full repair costs if your car breaks down. Extended car warranties help to protect you from these costs and can save you hundreds of pounds in repair bills.

When should an extended car warranty be purchased?

If you bought a car from new then generally your manufacturer’s warranty will last between two and four years (or it may be mileage dependent). If your car is about to run out of warranty then you should purchase an extended car warranty on the date it expires. This will make sure that you are fully protected at all times. We offer fast cover so as soon as you make the purchase your car will be covered.

If you purchased a used car, you can also obtain an extended car warranty for your vehicle at any time as long as it is less than 10 years old (the maximum age of your car will vary depending on the policy purchased).

Are extended car warranties worth it?

The AA recently published reports showing that motorists spend an average of £500 a year on motoring repairs. Purchasing an extended car warranty for £299 or even a few hundred pounds can drastically reduce the overall amount you have to pay for repairs. Extended car warranties can even be paid for by direct debit, which helps to break this amount into manageable monthly payments.

What am I covered for under an extended car warranty?

This will depend on the level of cover you choose. Our Complete Car Warranty option covers most major mechanical and electrical parts and some labour costs. Our Ultimate Car Warranty option extends the amount of parts covered and the cost of labour even further. Our UltimatePlus Car Warranty includes all of the above and also provides wear and tear cover, providing a comprehensive level of cover.

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