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Guide to Car Warranties

Everything you needed to know about Car Warranties.

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Why have a Car Warranty?

Buying your car is probably the second largest purchase you will make after your home, which is why many thousands of people each year decide to protect it in the event that something may go wrong.

Even the newest of cars can breakdown and develop faults. and car repairs can be expensive. So by taking out a Go Car Warranty you will have peace of mind in knowing that we will do all we can to help get you back on the road.

Car Warranty coverage

Car Warranties come with many different levels of cover, and if you do not know much about cars and car parts, the list can sometimes be very daunting.

A good car warranty will cover minor and major mechanical breakdown components within the engine, fuel and ignition system. More detailed car warranty products will even cover components such as electric windows, air conditioning and car locks

In addition, most car warranties will cover breakdown recovery due to a covered part failing. For example, if your car breaks down due to a covered part, you may receive overnight accommodation or rail fare, and replacement vehicles whilst the repairs are being carried out.

What to look out for

When you are comparing car warranties, it is important to think ahead and look into the transfer conditions available to you, just in case you do decide to sell your car.

Go Car Warranty will transfer the warranty you have with us to the new vehicle owner for a 35 administrative fee giving you the flexibility to enjoy your cover for its entirety.

How to ensure your Car Warranty stays valid

Small print on a majority of car warranties states that the car warranty will only remain valid if an approved dealer has serviced the car to the manufacturer's schedule. For this reason alone, you need to ensure you have your car regularly serviced as suggested in the manual. These are referred to as 'Servicing tolerances', and often occur between 500 and 1000 miles or 30 days over the scheduled mileage or dates.

It is important that you keep your car service records in keeping with the warranty terms, as in the event of a claim, you may be required to show the original paperwork. Validity and the extent of warranty cover is also often tied to the usage of the vehicle in question.

If you work for or with a driving school or taxi company, be sure to check the car warranty policy carefully, as you may also find that the policy excludes this kind of business use, and the fitting of non-standard parts.

Car warranties also have obvious exclusions including misuse, neglect, and faults subject to recall. When you take out a car warranty, your car will be checked for existing mechanical or electrical faults, so if you know your car is about to fail, its not worth getting the policy as mechanics may spot the symptoms.

Repair and Car Servicing under Warranty

Car Warranties can sometimes state where you can have your car repaired. This is mainly down to quality control, as it ensures that the work carried out on your car is genuine, and the risk of further faults occurring is reduced.

However, as competition is getting more and more tough, consumers are finding themselves with more choice, and now it is possible for you to buy a Car Warranty with choice of not only where you want your repair to be carried out, but includes the options should you wish to only have repairs carried out at franchised dealer garages.

It is important to check the details of your car warranty to ensure that you have chosen cover that includes this option should you wish your car to be serviced at premium rate garages, as not all warranty companies offer this.

If you have bought a new car in particular, you may want to take it to a main dealer, however older cars cost less and for that reason going to a cheaper garage with a lower hourly rate may be preferential.

Car Warranty Claim limits

Policies with any decent Car Warranty providers should offer unlimited claims only limited or capped to the value of the car insured or a specific limit for each car part.

If you own an older car, you will find it more and more common that the warranty company in question has single claim limits, due to the likelihood of the car failing on more then one occasion.

You should always check the limitations before taking out the policy.

Extra cover included in your Warranty

When you get your Car Warranty, it is important to look out for the extra benefits that you can receive on your policy, as these are the things that help you to get value from your insurance.

For example, our PremierPlus Warranty offers unlimited claims, car hire, overnight accommodation or rail fares home, European cover and extended cover should you already have an existing Car Warranty.

These little perks are often the extra costs that you would have to pay for and are often overlooked.


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Rest assured all products sold by Go Car Warranty are fully insured and regulated by the FCA.
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