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By: John Ormerod

Where can I find car warranty help and advice?

We have developed this dedicated car warranty help and advice section to answer common questions around car warranties. We are providing car warranty advice for the products that we offer and we answer some of the more general questions around car warranties.

How can I find out more about the level of cover provided?

We offer 4 levels of cover varying from our Complete Cover, which is more basic, to our Absolute Cover, which is far more comprehensive. Exactly what car parts are covered under each warranty are listed in detail in the car warranty advice section.

In this Section: Cover

What is the difference between GO Car Warranty products?

There are 3 main differences. The price, the number of parts that are covered and the claims limit. The more basic cover is cheaper, while the price increases as more cover is added through each of the products. To compare cover, click here.

In this Section: Products

Can I get a car warranty on my vehicle?

The best way to find out if you can get a warranty on your car is to go to ‘Get a quote’ and enter your cars registration number or call us on 0330 0130 585. If you would prefer to get more car warranty help first you can view your options here.

In this Section: Can I get a warranty?

Are you able to provide warranties on both new and used cars?

As new cars come with a warranty, we provide warranties after this has expired. These are also known as used car warranties or extended warranties. Read our used car warranty help section to find out more.

In this Section: Used car warranties

Are there rules around servicing and repairs with a warranty?

There are some rules surrounding servicing and repairs. Servicing your car will ensure your policy stays valid and we want work done on your car to be carried out by a reputable garage for your peace of mind. For answers to specific questions regarding this, have a look at our servicing and repairs help section.

In this Section: Repairs Servicing

Do dealerships offer car warranties?

Normally when you purchase a used car from a dealership, it comes with a statutory 3 month warranty, although after this expires you will not be covered. Take a look at our dealerships help section to find out more.

In this Section: Dealerships

Do I get a no claims bonus if I were to renew my policy?

No, this works differently to your car insurance. However, we do offer discounts at time of renewal. You can speak to one of our advisors on 0330 0130 585.

Will you automatically renew my policy?

No. We will send a letter letting you know your warranty is due to expire approximately 21 days prior to expiry. If you would like to renew your policy you need to call us 0330 0130 585.

Can I take out a warranty with you even though I have 3 months cover from the dealer I purchased the vehicle from?

If your vehicle still qualifies then you can purchase an extended vehicle warranty. We offer both instant cover so as soon as you make the purchase your vehicle will be covered and delayed start cover if you still have a warranty in place which is only available when calling us on 0330 0130 585. This will make sure that you are fully protected all times.

Is the claims limit for the duration of the policy?

Our claims limits are per claim (£500 on Complete and up to the vehicle purchase price according to Glass’s Guide on Premier Plus) and there are no limits to the amount of claims you can make.


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