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By: John Ormerod

What does a car warranty cover and why do I need one?

A car warranty is an insurance policy that covers repair costs and/or replacement parts and labour for your car in the event of a mechanical or electrical fault. There are two main types of warranty, manufacturers warranty and used car warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty will be included with the price of the car and generally tends to give cover for 3 years, although some manufacturers now provide longer warranties. A used car warranty can be purchased to cover a used car you have purchased, or to extend the protection on your car after the manufacturers warranty has expired.

Warranties typically run from between one month and 7 years and most annual policies are renewable in the same way insurance is.  GO Car Warranty want to give you peace of mind at an affordable price to help to keep your car on the road.  The trade generally refer to Car Warranty as Mechanical Breakdown Insurance.

What parts do you cover in your warranties?

We cover listed mechanical and electrical components against breakdown or failure during the warranty period and even include repairs at franchised dealerships. Our Premier Plus also cover you for wear and tear. A complete list of what is covered in each of our warranties can be found here.

How do I determine the best car warranty for me?

There are various levels of cover and a few things to think about when choosing the best warranty for you. You might also want to consider your annual mileage. If you know you will be doing a lot of driving, it may make sense to consider wear and tear cover within your warranty as your car will be under more strain. If you will be driving in Europe for less than 60 days per annum, you might consider our Premier Plus warranties as they will also cover you for parts and labour (up to the UK equivalent) abroad. Have a look at our terms and conditions to see exactly what is included.
Our Premier Plus Warranty also includes a Full Service, an MOT Test and MOT Test Insurance saving you money in the long run.

The more your warranty covers, the more peace of mind you can have if anything was to go wrong with your car. Here is a guide to our warranties and exactly what is covered.

Does an extended car warranty make sense?

Here at GO Car Warranty we know that car warranties make a lot of sense. Whether or not you should buy one is clearly a personal decision, but a warranty tends to make sense to people that want peace of mind that should something go wrong with their car, they would not suddenly be left with a large unexpected bill to pay.

To find out more visit our dedicated section on extended vehicle warranties.

In this Section: Extended vehicle warranties

Is there anything excluded from a car warranty?

We understand that warranties can be a bit confusing and that our customers want to know everything about what they are purchasing. There are certain things that a warranty won’t cover. Please see our terms and conditions for full details. To find out more visit our dedicated section on car parts insurance below.

In this Section: Car parts insurance

What does wear and tear mean with a car warranty?

This means that if your car breaks down and the problem is deemed to be caused by wear and tear, you will be covered. If something goes wrong with your car and it’s deemed to be caused by wear and tear, the cost to you to have it repaired can be high. Choosing a warranty that specifically includes cover for problems caused by day to day usage means you avoid incurring the costs of repairs or replacement of parts that are considered to be damaged due to wear and tear. Find out more in our wear and tear with car policies section below.

In this Section: Wear and tear policies

What is a life time car warranty?

A lifetime warranty is available on new cars from certain manufacturers. Not all manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty, but if they do they will usually cover the cost of replacement parts for your car for the first 100,000 miles, but there is no time limit. Please bear in mind that this will only be the case for the first owner of the vehicle. If the car is sold, the new owner would need an extended warranty.

Does a car warranty cover dents or scratches?

As dents and scratches are not considered a mechanical or electrical failure, they are unfortunately not covered by a warranty.

Can I make a claim on a fault that has occurred on the vehicle before buying a policy?

Unfortunately we cannot accept liability for the effects of poor repairs, faults or defects at the time you purchased your car. You would need to contact your garage directly.

Does a car warranty include breakdown cover?

Warranties are different from a breakdown assistance product. All of our warranties will contribute £100 towards recovery of your vehicle to the nearest repairing garage if you have broken down at the roadside as part of a valid claim. However, this assistance does not cover punctures or running out of fuel or contributions towards onward travel that would be included in our breakdown recovery product.

If you are interested in a quote for breakdown cover, please call us on call 0330 0130 585.  

To find out more visit our dedicated section on breakdown cover.

In this Section: Breakdown cover

All products are FCA regulated

Rest assured all products sold by Go Car Warranty are fully insured and regulated by the FCA.
Key Facts about our insurance services can be found in our initial disclosure document.

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