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By: John Ormerod

What is an extended vehicle warranty?

Every new car comes from the manufacturer with a standard car warranty. Once this warranty expires, you will need to pay for any repairs out of your own pocket. Purchasing an extended vehicle warranty will mean you are covered for parts and labour should your car breakdown.

How can I get an extended vehicle warranty?

For extended vehicle warranty enquiries, please call our team on 0330 0130 585 to discuss your needs with us. If you want to renew an existing extended vehicle warranty with us, we will send you a letter before your expiry date and the process for renewal.

Can I compare extended vehicle warranty prices?

Absolutely, we want to ensure you get the best deal and cover that works for you. You can compare car warranties to look at the different levels of cover offered and see for yourself how we compare against other extended vehicle warranty providers.

We also offer a price matching service so if you do manage to find a comparable warranty cheaper elsewhere, we’ll beat it by £10.

Should I purchase an extended vehicle warranty?

This depends on your circumstances. If you feel that you can risk the expense of your vehicle breaking down without any warning then you may not need a warranty. You will, however, have to pay the full repair costs if your vehicle breaks down. Extended vehicle warranties help to protect you from these costs and can save you hundreds of pounds in repair bills.

When should an extended vehicle warranty be purchased?

If you bought a vehicle from new then generally your manufacturers warranty will last between 2 and 4 years (or it may be mileage dependent). If you vehicle is about to run out of warranty then you should purchase an extended vehicle warranty if your vehicle still qualifies. This will make sure that you are fully protected all times. We offer both instant cover, so as soon as you make the purchase your vehicle will be covered and delayed start cover if you still have a warranty in place which is only available when calling us on 0330 0130 585.

If you purchased a used vehicle you can also obtain cover for your vehicle at any time as long as it is less than 10 years old (the maximum age of your vehicle will vary depending on the policy purchased).

Are extended vehicle warranties worth it?

Purchasing a cover for £99 or even a few hundred pounds can drastically reduce the overall amount you have to pay for repairs. Extended vehicle warranties can even be paid for by interest free direct debit which helps to break this amount into manageable monthly payments. The direct debit option is only available when calling us on 0330 0130 585.

What am I covered for with an extended vehicle warranty?

This will depend on the level of cover you choose. Our Standard Warranty covers most major mechanical and electrical parts and labour costs. Our Comprehensive Warranty extends the amount of parts covered and the claims limit even further. Our PremierPlus warranty includes all of the above and also provides wear and tear cover, providing the most comprehensive level of cover. 

Do I have to wait for my current warranty to expire before purchasing a new one?

If you purchase the warranty online then it will start straight away. However, if you call us on 0330 0130 585 before the date of expiry of your current warranty, we can set up a new policy to run concurrently and therefore you will not lose any cover.

Does my car have to actually breakdown at the roadside for me to claim on the warranty?

Your car does not have to breakdown for you to be able to make a claim. The warranty covers for mechanical and electrical breakdowns and failures of the parts covered by the warranty.

If I take out the Ultimate Warranty, will my policy expire when I go over 80,000 miles?

No. Your policy gives you unlimited mileage. This is only restricted at the time of purchase i.e. you must have less than 80,000 miles to be able to purchase the warranty.

Do you cover for consequential damage?

Yes. If the part that has failed affects another covered part then the claim will be considered. If a non-insured part affects an insured part then you will not be covered.


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