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By: John Ormerod

Should I choose a car warranty policy with wear and tear?

A few considerations can be made here. How old is your car? What is the mileage? How many miles do you drive a year? If the figures are high when answering these questions it is likely that your car will be more susceptible to wear and tear. The repair costs due to wear and tear can also be high. Choosing a warranty that specifically includes cover for problems caused by day to day usage means you avoid incurring these potentially high repair costs.

What is covered on the wear and tear of a warranty policy?

Both our UltimatePlus and Absolute Warranties will cover you against mechanical or electrical breakdown due to wear and tear. Click here to see a list of the parts that are covered. A percentage of the costs of parts will be paid depending on the mileage on your car and 100% of labour costs will be paid regardless of mileage. 

Find out more about the features of our car warranties here.

Do you have a maximum vehicle age and mileage limit at the time of purchase?


Max Mileage

Max Age


100,000 miles

10 years


80,000 miles

8 years

Ultimate Plus

60,000 miles

6 years


60,000 miles

6 years

However, as long as the vehicle falls within these limits at the start of the warranty, GO Car Warranty does not have age or mileage restrictions throughout the term of your policy. You can drive as many miles as you like as long as your vehicle is for private use only.

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Rest assured all products sold by GO Car Warranty are fully insured and regulated by the FCA.

Key Facts about our insurance services can be found in our initial disclosure document.

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