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By: John Ormerod

Does a car dealership have to give a car warranty?

If you buy a used car from a dealership, it will come with a 3 month statutory car warranty in line with the Sales of Goods Act. If you buy a new car the warranty will vary, usually between 3 and 7 years. Before your warranty expires, it is advisable to look into extending your cover to avoid being out of pocket if your car was to develop a fault or to breakdown. 

How do I find out when the car warranty from my dealership expires?

The best way to find out when your car warranty expires is to take the proof of purchase of your car to the dealer you bought it from. They will be able to tell you exactly when it will expire. Knowing the date of expiry will allow you to make the right decision about extending or purchasing a warranty. View the car warranty policies we offer here.

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