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January 2014 News

The History of Renault

31/01/2014 15:27:30

The Renault Corporation was established in France on 25 February 1899 as a vehicle manufacturer, producing a variety of cars and vans. It was established by Renault brothers Louis, Mar ...

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Battle of the Cars

28/01/2014 14:25:23

Imagine if three cars from three common car categories found themselves locked in an arena battle, spurred on by thousands of car enthusiasts desperate to find out which is the superior ride. Itís ...

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Winter Boot Kit Essentials

28/01/2014 09:38:58

It is inevitable that we will have snow in the not too distant future...sorry to be the bearer of bad news!To assist you when the snow does show, here at GO Car Warranty we have put together a short video detailing the essential items that we recommend you should keep in your vehicle during the winter weather. The items that you wi ...

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Amazing Car World Records

24/01/2014 16:31:52

Many people see the car as a useful commodity in life, ideal for taking the kids to school, visiting family on weekends or getting to and from work on a daily basis. However, modern cars also bring with them the opportunity for competition, setting high standards on the track and generally showing off. With todayís colossal engine sizes and high ...

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Wet Weather Driving Hints and Tips

20/01/2014 16:22:30

Driving in wet weather can be dangerous, but there are a number of precautions you can take to keep you and your car safer. Because even the most experienced driver, who knows th ...

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The 5 Best Roads To Drive in the UK

15/01/2014 16:27:29

With so many to-die-for roads all over the world just waiting to be driven, you could be forgiven for thinking thereís nothing closer to home that is a pleasure to stretch your metaphorical ...

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What people look for in a modern car

09/01/2014 11:28:07

Driving, for many, has never been so exciting. Technology has given an almost futuristic twist to the driving experience, with pedestrian-detecting night vision, electronic maps and surround-so ...

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How a car warranty can save you money

07/01/2014 14:34:43

There is no denying that buying a used car can be something of a chore. Depending on whether you buy privately or through a dealership, you may have to deal with paperwork regard ...

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