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January 2016 News

Car Submarines

29/01/2016 14:53:34

Is there anything cooler than a car-submarine? We think not! Inspired, we take a look at their 007 beginnings and where things are headed.  James Bond Car-submarines became a thing following Wet Nellie & ...

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Volkswagen cars and the scandal

26/01/2016 09:08:42

Volkswagen’s “diesel dupe” took the bad auto PR crown last year! But what exactly happened and what are the ramifications? We explore the scandal… The Sitrep On the 18th of September 2015 the US Envir ...

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Top 6 car cleaning hacks

22/01/2016 10:49:13

If your car is looking a bit unloved try out these quirky tips. Our top 6 cleaning hacks will have your car looking spic and span in no time.  The best bit? You probably have these items lying around your house already! 1. Clean ...

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History of the Mercedes A Class

19/01/2016 09:37:30

First launched in 1997, The Mercedes-Benz A-Class is a German manufactured compact car. So far there have been three generations, the first was introduced in 1997, the second in 2004 and the latest and third generational ...

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The Future of Hybrid Cars

15/01/2016 14:18:20

By now, most of us have all had at least a peek at a hybrid car. They are available in showrooms and often spotted out on our roads. But have you ever considered taking a leap and trying one out? Whilst hybrid technol ...

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Motorsport Calendar Highlights 2016

12/01/2016 09:24:46

Motorsport is invigorating for all those involved. Witnessing the drivers push their vehicles to the limit, in adverse conditions and against steep competition is nail biting! Adrenaline is tickled and emotion runs high during ...

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Top Automotive Innovations of 2015

08/01/2016 09:35:55

As 2015 comes to a close, the automotive industry has received a fair share of innovations throughout the year. Now let’s take a look at the most influential developments and the car manufacturer’s who are leading the way. ...

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New Cars Coming in 2016

05/01/2016 09:38:03

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the most exciting cars on the horizon for the 2016 UK car market. BMW M2 - £44,070 – Coming April M model fans have been patiently waiting for a worthy successor to the 1 Series M Coup ...

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