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July 2010 News

How to get the Best Car Warranty Deal

29/07/2010 16:02:23

Most car owners believe in getting the best protection and cover on their vehicles. Rightfully so after all a car is arguably the second most valuable and essential possession most people own after their home. Just the thought of unexpected breakages can cause sleepless nights with the fears of being charged extortionate repair fees.To ...

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What is Extended Car Warranty and When Do You Need It

21/07/2010 16:29:51

The biggest advantage of having an extended warranty on your vehicle is that you have a constant peace of mind. You can rest assured that most problems with your vehicle can be fixed and dealt with as part of the car warranty package. Most people aren’t experienced in buying car warranty, therefore are hesitant about purchasin ...

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Used Car Warranties

19/07/2010 12:53:01

When you buy a new car you get peace of mind because for a set period of time your car will be protected from any problems that it may face with the manufacturers warranty. Buying a used car is a different experience. It is still an expensive process but one of the biggest factors that worry people is that they have no safety net if the car goes wr ...

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