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June 2010 News

Buyers Opting for Longer Used Car Warranties

30/06/2010 10:29:55

Consumers are continuing to look for added protection for their vehicles by purchasing used car warranties. Results are showing that no only are consumers looking for peace of mind with their vehicles but they also want this for longer.Go Car Warranty offer their customers three different options for protecting their cars against unexpe ...

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Car Warranties Are They Worth It

22/06/2010 09:35:47

Everybody likes to have peace of mind when they buy something new, but buying a used car can often comes with a risk. This raises the question whether it is worth buying a car warranty and if it will protect you adequately in the event that your car has unexpected problems. The first thing to note is that if your car already has a m ...

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Buy Your Car Warranty Online with Ease

15/06/2010 12:14:06

When purchasing a car warranty it is important that you know exactly what you are covered for and that you have all of the information needed to make an informed decision. The internet is now the first resource that people use to gain such information. Car warranty providers like Go Car Warranty have carefully designed their website to ...

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Car Warranties Still Popular Despite the Recession Ending

09/06/2010 09:29:06

The recession has hit consumers particularly hard and because of this they were looking for more protection. This led to the car warranty industry seeing an increase in sales. It appeared that consumers wanted added security when buying a used car. This was due to consumers being unable to afford any unexpected repair bills on top of the expense of ...

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