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May 2014 News

Keeping Your Car Clean

20/05/2014 10:03:25

As a car owner, keeping your car clean may seem like an obvious part of your ongoing to-do list. You own a fancy pair of shoes that you want to keep clean and your high quality carpet needs a hoover to ensure it lasts. But in the same way as you would scrub at a muddy sole or move the furniture to reach the unseen parts of your rug, it is import ...

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Preparing for a Journey

16/05/2014 14:33:05

Let all the windows down. Let that cool breeze blow through your hair as you cruise through towns and cities you’ve never seen before. There is nothing quite like that sense of adventure you get from road ...

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The Best Cars for First Time Drivers

13/05/2014 14:20:31

The time has finally come for your first true taste of freedom. You can’t wait to become completely self reliant, going anywhere anytime you please. But there is one big question holding you ba ...

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Recognising Road Signs

06/05/2014 16:37:33

Road signs play a fundamental role when it comes to driving. They warn of hazards and what to expect in the coming road; advise on direction, speed and distance; can save you time and money and, in more instances than you could ever know, will save your life. It is therefore incredibly important that motorists know what road signs signify.  ...

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The History of Audi

01/05/2014 17:00:00

Based in Bavaria and part of the Volkswagen group, Germany’s Audi AG manufacture and design cars around the world and are known today as one of the most influential and innovative car brands in history, creating vehicles ranging from motorcyles to luxury rides. Audi’s story began at the very end of the 19th Century, with nota ...

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